Pretty hungry? Double-Dog Dare You To Try This!

It’s the unofficial start of summer, still sunny at 6pm, and you want to fire up some dogs on the grill.  No problem!  Of course there are turkey dogs and tofu dogs that can taste pretty good, but you didn’t feel like making that special trip for the good ones and let’s face it, some of us just want a beef hot dog– period.

Just make sure your hot dog choice lists its first ingredient as beef, says it contains less than 2% of unpronouncables (a.k.a. junk and salt), and has 5 grams or less of fat.  I happen to like Nathan’s skinless.  Comes pretty darn close, and it’s at the local market.

But you say you’re extra-hungry tonight?  You know you’ll want more than one hotdog?  No problem (especially if you ate reasonably consciously all day and get regular exercise).  Even if you didn’t, don’t sweat it.  Babysteps count– like this one– use fiber-rich hot dog buns, toast them on the grill for flavor, and stick two regular size hotdogs in ONE bun.  You’ve just eliminated at least 110 calories, 410 grams of salt, and 25 grams of carbs just by skipping the extra bun!

Now, on most nights, I’d like to see you have extra salad with a little dressing instead of the extra dog, but we don’t have to be perfect, just conscious and better!  Happy Hotdog Eating, and commit to a nice walk after dinner!

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