Senior Moments That Shine Bright As The Stars

So, I noticed that Joan Rivers just had her SEVENTY-NINTH birthday this weekend, and it got me thinking.  Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to joan (2)admit her “bad” day is someone half her age’s “good” day– she’s sharp as a tack. Then we have the lovely Betty White, AGE NINETY, and you have to admire her alacrity, wit, and sparkle.  True that good self-care is a key to longevity, but so is a SENSE OF HUMOR.2012-01-17T172509Z_01_TOR102_RTRIDSP_3_USA-31100
Take the time to enjoy your SELF.  Crack yourself up!  Obviously, a “senior moment” doesn’t have to have the connotation of forgetfulness and loss of independence.  May we all have “senior moments” as fine as these two ladies, and lots of others we know in real life. 
If you’re a senior citizen, write in and tell us all about what keeps you and your friends young at heart. If you have a special senior in your life, were raised by “older parents”, or got to enjoy special times with grandparents, please tell us the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-care pearls of wisdom they’ve shared with you!  When my daughter was a toddler, she used to mix up the expressions “that cracks me up” and “that drives me nuts”.  It came out as “that cracks me nuts”.  SO, unwind, crack yourselves nuts, and don’t forget to write about your special senior moments here when you recover!
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  1. I’m lucky to have two witty sons and one hysterical husband. Not only do they keep me busy, they keep me in stitches too! I’m laughing just thinking about them! Hahhahahaahhaahahhaa!!

  2. My memory is of my mother who was in her early 90’s and adorable when said she was 5 feet tall, but she lied about her height. I always wondered how she KNEW she was right in every decision she made. It never occurred to me that she was winging it! Little people are so strong.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this memory and the pearl of wisdom it brought you. It really is amazing that if we just jump into something and go with the flow (otherwise known as winging it) that we can spur a whole set of consequential action. As they say, “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. And being just shy of 5’2 myself, I say, “Think tall”! : ))

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