Turn “Nay” to “YAY”!

You’re all excited to finally turn over that new leaf and start an exercise program so you tell some friends, your mother, your sister and one of them says something like, “Well, we’ll see how long you stick with it” or congratulates you and then reads off all the tantalizing dessert descriptions on the menu.  Or maybe they just don’t react at all.  You walk away feeling less than enthusiastic when moments before you couldn’t wait to share your vision of the new you.

As wonderful as it is to have support, it’s really only you who is going to be making changes in your diet, and it’s only you who is going to be sweating it out during an EXERCISE SESSION.  You don’t need anyone’s blessing to live a better life but YOUR OWN.  Be your own rock and turn “nay” to “YAY”!  YOU CAN DO IT!

Now go reward your positive attitude with a new song for your new workout playlist, and a visit to one of the great shops in Horsham– see the Horsham Hubs section– for a great meal, a smooth cup of coffee, and the best service anywhere.  Spending time in places that make you feel good MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD.

For more information about personal training visit www.starpilatesandyoga.com.

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