What NOT To Wear– your food choices

Every wonder why it seems two people can eat the same thing and one is overweight but the other isn’t?

Go lightly!!

Not everything is as it appears, and chances are good that overall, these two people are making some very different choices.  I’ll explain.  I went to the newest hotspot in town, a frozen yogurt place.  Seems healthy right?  Well, it can be IF WE MAKE IT SO.  We’ve all been at this food game long enough that we know that it’s up to us to make frozen yogurt work for us.  Portion control and what we put on our frozen yogurt will determine whether we should have just sat on it instead (make the wrong choices and we end up wearing it).

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy, and we don’t want to be bogged down worrying about every bite.  The solution?

BUDGET YOUR FOOD.  Here’s how:

COMMIT to healthy, well-balanced meals.

CONTROL your portions.

GO LIGHTLY or SKIP toppings and condiments.

DRINK WATER all day.

JUST DO IT every day.  It’s a choice you won’t have to think about once you TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to COMMIT.

FOLLOW these suggestions and you can relax and enjoy summer treats without wearing them!  Happy Summer!

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