Fitness is a Family Affair

The old adage is true,  “Children will do what you do and not what you say”.  If you’re slurping back sodas and sitting on the couch, chances are your kids are doing the same.  Or maybe food is synonymous with reward in your house.  Let your children see you make healthy choices and they will follow suit. 

Here are some quick tips to follow in taking some healthy steps in the right direction for your family:

*Overhaul that grocery cart.  Eliminate white flour.  Go for whole grain choices from crackers, to waffles, to hot dog rolls.  Buy lots of fresh and frozen veggies and fresh fruit.

*Your kids are juiceheads?  Cut the sugar in half by watering down the juice by half.  There’s so much sugar in most of them that it will still taste sweet.

*Join a local YMCA and pair up with your kids.  Your local Y has plenty of different activities to appeal to a wide variety of abilities and preferences.  If your child is small, you can take kiddie classes and then let their childcare staff take over while you exercise solo. (My pediatrician gave me that little pearl when my daughter was an infant, and it changed my life!)

*Replace one sugary drink per day with a bottle of water, including (gasp) your coffee if you’re a heavy coffee drinker.

*Institute the evening after-dinner walk or bike ride.  It’s a great way to get moving after dinner and have family time!

Let your children see you love and respect your body and it will come back to you a thousand-fold watching them do the same.  Summer is the perfect time to take these steps, now go enjoy!

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