Breakthrough: What is holding you back?

Having a tough time moving forward?  Maybe you’re not working out, you’re eating badly, your finances and paperwork are a mess and so is the house more often than you’d like it to be.  What are you telling yourself?  You’ll fix it after you work out your children’s latest hurdles, you get that new job, after you get the re-fi on the house?  Look, this is life.  We all have a story.  Change yours TODAY.

Were you sucker-punched by life, and it seems like everything went downhill after “THE EVENT”, i.e., the sickness, the job loss, the death in the family?  If so, that SUCKS.  It’s okay to say that it really sucked.  You shouldn’t be expected to stifle it, downplay, or minimize whatever pain an event or chain of events caused you.  But here’s the thing.  Too often, we let ourselves get sucked into a vortex where we let a crisis become what identifies us and defines our actions.  Time becomes measured by befores and afters of “THE EVENT”.  We create inertia like a bubble that stands between us and our future and keeps us in a less advantageous mental position with our anger and rebellion toward the changes “THE EVENT” forced on us.

The only thing holding us back after a life-changing circumstance or chain of events is our perception of ourselves and the actions we either commit to or DON’T thereafter.

Just remember this, regardless of any events, the mundane daily-life ones, the celebratory ones, the traumatic ones, you still have the power of decisive action and choice.  Acknowledge your story and your feelings about it.  Validate your own feelings about it– you don’t need anyone’s blessing on your pain.  And then MOVE.  Move, move, move onto the next chapter.  YOU are in control of the story.  CHANGE it today!

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