Genie In A Bottle: Are you making risky weight loss decisions?

Evaluate supplement claims carefully!

Many of us, at some point or other, get desperate for a quick fix for weight loss.  The reasons range from trying to look good for a special occasion to feeling like we’ve been too heavy for too long and we just want the weight off.  A quick fix might work.  Sure.  But you will pay for it usually with a quick return of the weight, perhaps a damaged metabolism, and even compromised health. This morning somebody sent me a link that a Fox News Lifestyle reporter was endorsing sublingual hCG drops, and my first thought was, “Whoa, stop the digital presses!  We’ve got to talk about this”.

First, the only way to safely loose weight and get fit is to eat healthy foods in balanced proportions for your age and activity level and have an exercise program.  Any other methods should only be used under expert medical supervision.  There are many weight loss supplements out there.  Plain and simple– don’t take them.  If someone has an underlying condition, supplements that some take without consequence could be of huge consequence to another.  Now, I’ll tell you what hCG is, and how to get quick, reliable health information so you can make informed choices for yourself and loved ones.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is a hormone extracted from the urine of pregant women.  It’s been hailed as having many different “benefits” one of which is weight loss.  Various reputable institutions have performed hCG studies and have proven it clinically ineffective for weight loss in the strengths that are currently available on the market.

Here’s the rub, and here’s where you, the consumer, has to make a choice.  Every BODY is different, and in practice based on a number of experiences (empirically)  it’s often possible for people to achieve results that are not supported by current clinical measures.  If a person follows the available medical data from trusted resources, they will mostly remain safe.  It’s up to every individual to make informed choices for themselves and the people they care about.  Bottom line:  It’s risky business to use an unregulated human-derived hormone.

Clinical studies are available for public view on an endless variety of substances.  When researching in depth, I review abstracts from accredited universities and non-profit foundations.  For quick and easy reading, WebMd is an excellent resource with the latest information on a myriad of drugs, substances, and conditions.  It’s editorial staff consists of board certified physicians, and the site is accredited by URAC, an independent non-profit organization

If you want to try something effective for weight loss and fitness, there are many options that will provide you with safe, long-lasting results that will show sooner than you might think.  The secret to weight loss does not come in a bottle.  It comes in commitment.  Stay tuned here for lots of ways to make it happen!

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