Moving Forward By Turning Back

The road to looking and feeling younger is as much a state of mind as a state of body.  So, how about if I told you there’s a way to look and feel years younger within a day or that it could even happen within hours, AND it will last, AND you can build on it?  Well, there IS a way, and YOU CAN.  Here’s how!

“I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!” –Alice in Wonderland

    • Get out of your regular environment and do something you haven’t done in AGES because you were working, raising your kids, taking care of elderly parents, and all other such things that have caused you to lose touch with feeling carefree.
    • Make the extra effort to spend time with people “who knew you when”.  Most often, they’ll remember some of the best parts of you, parts you may have forgotten about.  They might relish the ways you’ve evolved and say something supportive, or YOU might notice differences in yourself and relish how you’ve evolved.  Either way, you’ll come away with a deeper and renewed appreciation for yourself including strengthened ties to the fabric of your life.
    • While you’re getting out of your comfort zone, just go with it.  Try staying open while trusting and staying in the moment.  If you begin to feel anxious, become an observer of your anxiety rather than a victim of it.  You’ll soon realize there’s nothing to be afraid of, and you’re only feeling some growing pains.  You know what happens then?  Exhilaration!  You’re out of your box.
    • Smile like no one knows you or cares who you are because they don’t.  BUT they might after they connect with you in that moment, quite possibly returning the energy to you.  Now you have options.  You can stay with that and chat, or you can both just keep going while grateful for that momentary connection of one person REALLY SEEING another.  What an honor, even if fleeting.
    • Embrace the unexpected.  Welcome the positivity you attract.
    • Let other people in on the fun.  If others have joined you on your journey, and people are watching (people like to watch other people who have a halo of great energy around them) maybe you’d like to include them in your space with eye contact, a smile, or let them comment to you.  Experience the feeling of being connected wherever you are.
    • Now take it HOME.  Sit back and recount your adventure.  Re-live it, and re-live it as often and as many times as you wish.  Too often we replay fights with loved ones or drown in the endless loop of noise in our heads.  Replace that junk with good stuff! Recount your emotions while getting out of your comfort zone, and congratulate yourself for getting through the tough spots.  Recycle it all the next time you greet someone, run your local errands, walk into your workplace, etc.  Remember your enthusiasm from that experience and use it to build new ones. 

Experiences like these are guaranteed to put a flush in your cheeks, a sparkle in your eye, and pep in your step.  You will stop noticing many of the things that normally bother you and weigh you down. Erase the pallor of your forgotten self and make sense out of mid-life blahs.  Be inspired, build energy, and build momentum for changes that suit you and keep you moving forward.  Try it and go look in the mirror.

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