Life Tools: When The Going Gets Tough


There’s one thing we can all be assured of– things aren’t going to go perfectly all the time.  Here are some suggestions for when things, well, for when things just SUCK.

  1.  Count your blessings.  That’s right.  Count ’em!  Things probably aren’t as bad as they seem.  At least if you can identify the positives, you know you have something to build on.
  2. EXERCISE.  Whatever you can do, do it.  If you’re not already a yogi, find a way to incorporate basic yoga into your exercise routine even if it’s just a walk around the block. Yoga is transforming and can change your life.
  3. Water is the answer for everything.  When you’re stressed your breathing is more rapid, and you lose a lot of moisture during respiration.  Drink lots of water so you can think more clearly.  Your mood will also improve.
  4. Distract yourself.  Yes, you do need to focus on change and taking care of whatever task is before you.  You also need to laugh, dream, and spend time doing something you like to do.  You don’t feel good enough to do those things?  Find something you can tolerate and just do it.  You will come back ready to do what you have to do.
  5. Identify your strengths and use them!  For all of your flaws and weaknesses, you have strengths that make up for them. 

Life will continue to steer you, but why let it when you have some control?  Each day is a gift if you choose to accept it.  Enjoy.

For more tools on dealing with less-than-perfect life, visit this link:

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