Warm Glow, Hot Coffee, & Great Gifts

Yes, it's real, it's fabulous, and it's LIT.

Yes, it’s real, it’s fabulous, and it’s LIT.

It’s official!  The Palms at BRYN AND DANE’S are lit up in their holiday finest.  On Wednesday night, Bryn put out the word on Facebook that he and some friends were lighting the trees and to come on down.  The smiles were warm, BRYN’S BOLD coffee was hot (and DELiCIOUS), and the hoodies were hangin’ out ready to be snatched up.

BRYN & DANE'S HOODIES--the latest "must-have" for school!

BRYN & DANE’S HOODIES–the latest “must-have” for school!

Head over to BRYN AND DANE’S to enjoy the view.  Fuel up on coffee and gift a hoodie! My authorities are saying the hoodies are becoming a fashion must-have at school, and they’re oh-so-cozy.  Get one and gift one!

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