One Hundred Pounds of Success: Struggling Dad Wins Big With BRYN AND DANE’S

Bryn and Dane's, weight loss, health food, healthy fast food, horsham pa, horsham hubs magazineSimply put, this is why Bryn Davis created BRYN and DANE’S.
“Big Andy” had always been a regular of theirs, but about year ago he began coming in more and more frequently. Before they knew it, Andy was a fixture at BRYN and DANE’S. Coming in almost every weekday and working out on his own time led to Andy completely changing his life.
In 6 months, Andy lost 100 lbs. Yep. 100 lbs in 6 months. Don’t believe us? Check out Andy’s weight loss journey blog!  At one point Bryn asked one of the guys at work, “Whatever happened to our regular guest ‘Big Andy’?”. Well, it turns out Andy never stopped coming in all the time… Bryn just didn’t recognize him at his new weight! BRYN and DANE’S could not be more proud of Andy, and his absolutely amazing story. Check out the link … something tells us this isn’t the last time you will hear about Andy Aubin.
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Bryn and Dane's, healthy fast food, Horsham PA, Horsham PA business news, Horsham Hubs Magazine, health food


Gather round your iphone or your computer screen!  Find out how BRYN and DANE’S is revolutionizing the healthy fast food industry on BRYN AND DANE’S Fan Page.  BRYN and DANE’S ‘LOCAL. LO CAL.’ PHILSOPHY is in growing demand as more people want to eat healthy, fast, and farm fresh.
Visit the page as often as you like to share this video with your family and friends to spread the news about the best fast food in business.  University of Southern California Film Student, Ryan Kreston put this short film together to share BRYN AND DANE’S insights on FARMS NOT FACTORIES and what it’s like to plan delicious menus in AMERICA’S FIRST FAST FOOD SCRATCH KITCHEN. 


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