IT’S THE BIG QUESTION In Local Small Business

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Do you see what’s on the horizon for BRYN and DANE’S?

Update:  Monday, March 11,2013 

Bryn Davis, founder of healthy fast food restaurant BRYN and DANE’S has created huge demand and speculation over where his next location will be.  BRYN and DANE’S customers are clamoring to know every day on Facebook when the big announcement will be and cheerfully begging for one near them.  The fans are swarming BRYN’s announcements like paparazzi, and this is the latest pic accompanied by Bryn Davis’ words, “Walking out of a meeting with developers discussing what will be one of our most amazing moves in the next 5 years… The next BRYN and DANE’S location, and all of 2013, is going to be absolutely unbelievable”.

Around and around the speculation flies as well as anxious onlookers in the real estate business offering up favors in their areas because they see the bright future of BRYN and DANE’S, and what town wouldn’t love to have their very own?  One thing’s for sure, Horsham’s BRYN and DANE’S will always be the first!

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