Big Andy Is Running His Ass Off And You Can Too

HORSHAM HUBS Magazine proudly introduces its newest contributor, Andy Aubin.  We featured a recent story about Andy, and now you’ll hear from him regularly right here where he’ll be sharing helpful tools, insights, and events from his continuing journey of fitness and health.  Also coming soon to HORSHAM HUBS Magazine, Men On The Journey:  Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change, a revealing and inspiring series for everyone featuring Andy Aubin, Andy Axsom, and Lonnie St. John. Welcome, Andy Aubin!

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Well Hello.

First things first, I guess I should introduce myself and let you know what I’m doing here writing to everybody.

My name is Andy Aubin, and I will be contributing regularly to HORSHAM HUBS Magazine based mostly on my ongoing blog and recent adventures in the world of weight loss and running.

Okay, so a little about me. You may have already seen the recent article about my story or checked out my blog a little, but in case you haven’t, this will bring you up to speed. I’ll spare the long-winded and flowery post and just give you the quick and dirty version of the story.

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Andy enjoys BRYN and DANE’S to help make calorie-counting delicious and easy.

A little over a year ago I found myself discontent. I was into my mid 30’s, a new dad and dangerously overweight and out of shape. This was nothing new. When you are that big, you know you are that big, and I just was not motivated to really do anything about it except just accept that “it was the way it was”. Once my wife Jenn and I added our daughter Tessa to the equation, however, it was no longer acceptable for me to be that big and unhealthy.  I started watching what I ate by counting calories (using an iPhone/web-based app called MyFitnessPal) and a walking/running program (4 weeks to a mile, Couch to 5K) that has slowly evolved into just straight running. I transitioned from someone who literally could not run ¼ of a lap around a high school track (1/16th of a mile) to completing 2 half marathons this fall! During that time (in addition to racking up running miles) I have lost 125 pounds and completely changed my life.  Needless to say, it’s been a hell of a year.

When I started out, in an effort to keep myself honest and accountable throughout the entire process (and basically force myself to keep going in case I ever hit a wall) I started a blog on the internet aptly titled “Running My Ass Off”.  What I originally thought would only be read by my wife, parents, and close friends has grown to be bigger than I could imagine– 314 blog followers, 239 Facebook followers as of 2/8/13.  The blog not only allows me to keep those closest to me up to date with where I am in my weight loss efforts, but surprisingly also allows me to reconnect with old friends and even reach total strangers who are going through the same struggles and looking for inspiration. Reaching so many people still kind of blows my mind, but I’ve continued to receive so much love and support while going through everything that it just makes sense to put it all back out there and support anybody else who wants to also try to make a change for themselves. I guess another way to say it is that I never set out to be an inspiration– I was just a fat guy trying to fix the mess I was in. Now here I am, and now that the blog has found its niche and target audience, it’s time to start embracing it and try to do some real good for people out there.

And that’s my story about how I lost the rough equivalent of a small person in terms of weight and how the Running My Ass Off blog developed into a community of mutual support.  I’m very excited to share my story with you and spread encouragement that this CAN be done. I’m living proof.

Coming soon in HORSHAM HUBS Magazine:  Men On The Journey– Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change, a revealing and inspiring series for everyone featuring Andy Aubin, Andy Axsom, and Lonnie St. John.

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