BRYN and DANE’S Humble and Healthy Fast Food

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Good people and great minds…

Why does it feel so good to go to a BRYN and DANE’S healthy fast food restaurant?  Maybe it’s the modern yet earthy ambience of the outside coming indoors.  Or is it the sunny smiles and the feeling of someone really seeing you as they greet you and hand you your carefully prepared food from the pick-up window?  Perhaps, it’s knowing that you are getting the best quality ingredients fresh from local farms prepared into something that tastes as good as it is for you.   If you stripped away BRYN and DANE’S conscientious staff, the awesome palm trees in the outdoor seating oasis, and all of the carefully thought out custom-designed ecoutriments that make BRYN and DANE’S feel like home, you’d still know that you’re getting something delicious served to you with heart, humility, and good will toward your health, your spirit, and your community. We’ve always said here that BRYN and DANE’S is the next Ben & Jerry’s taking fun, fresh, and healthy to a whole new level.  Take a look at this great picture from Bryn Davis’ Throwback Thursday post.  How often do you get to see a candid moment captured like this one?

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