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What’s That Word Everyone Avoids?

comwordleWe all do it. We “mean” to do better, but don’t. You know, that nagging feeling you get inside when you want to keep in better touch with friends but don’t, keep the house straight but don’t, and of course, the ever-popular desire to exercise and eat better.  BUT we don’t.  And what’s the number one reason for not doing something?


Committment is like a muscle. The more you exercise your power to commit, the stronger you get and the easier it gets to do so. So, I’m going to tell you the best way to exercise that muscle.

There are magic numbers involved here.  They are 15, 21, and 28.  Congratulations!  I’ve just given you your WINNING numbers.

  • First, pick something, anything that you would like to do regularly.
  • For 15 minute chunks, do that thing you decided will better your life if you were doing it.  No cheating.  It has to be 15 minutes– set a timer at first– it helps.  After 15 minutes, force yourself to stop.  You are training your brain to crave that activity by creating anticipation of doing it again and delaying the gratification of doing so.
  • Make a DECISION that you are going to do it. You have just given yourself a mental vitamin– a decision means you’ve exercised YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE.
  • Do your 15 minute chunks as many times as is appropriate for the activity.  If it’s exercise, once a day is good.  Do this for 21 days.  Why?  Because it takes 21 consecutive days to form a habit.  Mark the days off on your calendar as you go if that helps.
  • So what is the number 28 for?  Think of the 21 days of 15 minute chunks of activity as being performed in a cocoon.  After 28 days, the habit you’ve now formed has butterflied into a lifestyle change!  Your brain chemistry is different and interprets your new habit as a deeper habit.  NOW YOU ARE FREE to do your activity for longer periods of time since you’ve eliminated your risk of burnout by delaying gratification!

And there it is!  The magic formula of committment. 

Try it and write about it here!

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